Travel to Mount Sanqing and Wuyuan in May 2021













Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the company suspended the annual tourism group building activities in 2020. Nowadays, with the warmth of spring and the improvement of the epidemic situation, in order to increase the cohesion of the company, enhance team collaboration and employee physical fitness, get in touch with nature, and relax, the company has organized this team building activity - a trip to Sanqing and a beautiful Wuyuan.

On May 16, we visited Mount Sanqing. Soon after climbing the mountain, it began to rain. We climbed the mountain in the rain to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Sanqing in the rain. After the rain, Sanqing became more refined. Laughing and laughing all the way, the beautiful scenery of Mount Sanqing made us stop to enjoy it and forget to return. The beautiful scenery of nature made us forget our fatigue. Stroking the rocky cliffs, admiring geographical wonders, and marveling at the incredible craftsmanship of nature.

On May 17th, in the beautiful Wuyuan area, we visited Huangling. The village was built in the middle of the Ming Dynasty and has a history of over 500 years. The terraced fields in Huangling are lush and green, and the village is known as the "Stair Cloud Home". Huangling is a typical mountain residential village, with houses arranged in a fan-shaped staircase around the water outlet. It is covered by aerial cable cars, village sky streets for visiting ancient times, and local customs and traditions.