ASM-600 Squeegee Bodyguard

ASM-600 Squeegee Bodyguard
ASM-600 Squeegee Bodyguard

Product description

It has changed the traditional way of manual scrubbing squeegees to prevent solder paste pollution;

It can replace manual cleaning and avoid the direct contact of human body with solvents,  so it can reduce damages to the human body;

The residual solder paste can be recycled effectively, reduce the waste of solder paste in the production process;

The cleaning effect reach to the rate 99%. The residual solder paste on the squeegee can be reduced and also lowered the waste during the productive process.

It can keep your squeegees clean, ensure good printing quality and prolong their service lives.

Technical Parameters
Model  ASM-600
Printer Model:All
Squeegee Length(mm) Max.:≤600
Qty Max.:3 Set
Cleaning Speed: 5Min/1 Set
AC Power:220V/6KV