ST2 Squeegee Inspection Instrument

ST2 Squeegee Inspection Instrument
ST2 Squeegee Inspection Instrument

Product description

ST2 squeegee inspection machine is an instrument for automatic squeegee quality inspection.ST2 squeegee inspection instrument is used to check the quality of squeegee. It is able to check squeegees in an all-round way, and to record the data and result of the inspection. ST2 is truly quite helpful in the control of squeegee quality.

The advanced visual inspection technology is used to simulate the squeegee pressure of on-site manufacturing, so as to check the squeegee in many ways such as defect of blade, blade deformation and so on.

Specification Parameters
Model: ST2
Operation System: WIN7
Detection mode: Off-line automatic detection
Items of inspection: Blade defect of squeegee, blade deformation of squeegee
Data Input: One,Two-dimensional Code Scanning
Vision: 5-megapixel industrial cameras
Detection Speed: About 10-20 seconds per squeegee
Check Accuracy: ±0.01mm
Squeegee dimension: Min L=250mm, Max L=600mm
Applicable brands: Common printing press brands such as DEK, MPM, GKG and so on.
Environment: 10℃~30℃/60±20%RH
Weight: 43Kg
Power: 220V 50/60HZ
Air pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa
External dimension (LxWxH):800mm*340mm*540mm