The function and principle of steel mesh inspection machine

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In the modern electronic manufacturing industry, steel mesh inspection machines play a crucial role. This type of equipment is mainly used to check the distribution and quality of solder on printed circuit boards (PCBs) to ensure the smooth manufacturing process of electronic products. This article will take you to understand the working principle, functional characteristics, and application scope of the steel mesh inspection machine.

1、 Working principle

The steel mesh inspection machine mainly works through image processing technology. The core part is a high-precision optical system, including a camera, light source, and image processing unit. Firstly, the machine places the steel mesh above the PCB to be inspected and captures images of the steel mesh and PCB through a camera. Then, the image processing unit will analyze the captured images to detect the distribution and quality of solder.

Specifically, the image processing unit will compare the difference between the solder on the steel mesh and the ideal model. If the difference exceeds the preset threshold, the device will determine the steel mesh as a defective product. At the same time, the machine will also classify defective products and output inspection reports.


2、 Functional characteristics

High precision: The steel mesh inspection machine has high-precision detection capabilities, which can accurately detect the distribution and quality of solder, effectively avoiding problems in the manufacturing process.

Fast and fast: Modern steel mesh inspection machines are usually equipped with high-resolution cameras and high-performance image processing units, which can quickly complete detection tasks.

Intelligence: Many advanced steel mesh inspection machines have intelligent functions, such as automatic adjustment of focus, automatic identification of defective products, etc., greatly improving production efficiency.

Easy to operate: The operation of modern steel mesh inspection machines is simple and intuitive, making it convenient for employees to use.

3、 Application scope

Steel mesh inspection machines are widely used in the electronic manufacturing industry, such as in the manufacturing process of products such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, and digital cameras. It can help manufacturers improve product quality, reduce defect rates, and improve production efficiency.

The steel mesh inspection machine is an indispensable part of the electronic manufacturing industry. Its high precision, speed, intelligence, and wide application range make it play a crucial role in the production process. By using steel mesh inspection machines, manufacturers can effectively improve product quality, reduce production costs, and enhance market competitiveness.