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HS-736 Economic Stencil Inspection Machine

HS-736 Economic Stencil Inspection Machine

Time to market:2017-07-03

Item No:HS-736



HS736 is a economic stencil inspection equipment. As the electronic product become more and more precise and some super miniature size components get popular,therefore the requirement of the printing quality also getting higher. Presently the smaller component opening cleaning effect can’t be checked by visual inspection,yet HS736 manual checker equipped with high-definition industrial camera integrated with plane light source and can send the opening image to the display to distinguish . It can reduce the inspection difficult and improve the accuracy and efficiency .
Product features
1. he range of detection is large:
Maximum detection range of 600 * 600mm
2.steel net is versatile:
stencil size ≤736mm
3.operation is simple:
Manual real-time detection, simple and convenient
HS-736 Economic Stencil Inspection Machine
Product Parameters
Camera Unit:200W Industrial camera FOV15*22mm
Backlight:Large area plane light
XYtransmission: X  lead screw manual-wheel driving,
                 Y  belt manual-wheel driving
Monitor:19 inch1080P
Steel Size:≤736mm
Power:220V 50/60HZ 100W
Size:L= 880mm W=1000mm H=1600mm(High display and casters)