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SMS100 Squeegee Management System

SMS100 Squeegee Management System

Time to market:2019-06-24

Item No:SMS100



I. Current Situation
Common ways of managing squeegees used by many enterprises at present
A Handwritten Labels
The handwritten labels are orderless, and easy to wear.
B Place for Storage of Squeegee
There is no fixed place to store the squeegees. Generally, they are stored in an open way, or stored in the mixed tool kit.
C Cleaning and Replacement of Squeegee
No accurate records are available for whether squeegees are cleaned or require replacement. Judgment is made based on experience.
The frequent problems you may encounter:
A You cannot find the squeegees you want in the time of production.
B The squeegees you get are not the ones you want.
C The squeegees are the ones you want, but have defects.
D You may fail to make delivery within the given time, in case of another purchase of squeegees.
E Even you may buy a heap of squeegees.
Such problems lead to a low production efficiency and a lot of poor prints.

If an effective management system is available to help you manage the squeegees, the above-mentioned problems will be readily solved. Management will come easy for you, and efficient production will be achieved.

SMS100 Squeegee Management System
II. SMS100 Profile
The SMS100 squeegee management system is used to standardize the management of squeegees, thus to improve the printing quality for plants. The standard version includes 1 set of SMS101 control software, and 1 set of SMS102 squeegee management cabinet. The standard management cabinet can hold 40 squeegees.
SMS100 helps you to manage the squeegees by means of centralization, bar code, data, intelligent early warning. In addition, it is able to intelligently dialogue with ASM600 squeegee cleaner and ST1 squeegee inspection instrument, so as to make sure that every squeegee in use is in good condition. We also provide customization service to meet specific demand of every enterprise.
III. Core of SMS100
We ensure that every squeegee used in the production line is in perfect condition!

IV.Feature of the System
1. Centralized Management
In the past, squeegees were managed in an open way, stored randomly, and used in an uncontrolled manner. Now, squeegees are gathered in the management cabinet for unified management, and are specially requisitioned by those who have permission.
2. Bar-Code-Based Management
Each squeegee has an independent bar code label. The requisition and storage can be done directly by scanning the bar code. Hence, it is easy to use.
3. Data-Based Management
The squeegee information, squeegee storage information and so on are stored in a special database which offers the functions such as data export, data query and so on.
4. Early Warning
The system will automatically remind user of whether squeegees need to be maintained, replaced, scrapped and so on.
5. Intelligent Dialogue
The system can dialogue with TekYong series, and can upload the dialogue to customer’s MES system.

V. Specification Parameters of the Standard Version:
Product model: SMS-100
Holding capacity: 40SET
Squeegee dimension: Min L=200mm, Max L=600mm
Applicable brands: DEK, MPM, GKG and so on
Weight: 150KG
Power: 220V 50/60HZ 500W
External dimension: 1360*650*1700mm
Expansion Module:20 pairs of squeegees/each storage unit
VI. Future of SMS100
In the future, our SMS100 will keep close pace with Industry 4.0, so as to make data of the system have access to production equipment and MS systems freely. For instance, it will offer more possibilities, such as allowing users to check the operating state of squeegee in real time.