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S300 Soft Support

S300 Soft Support

Time to market:2019-07-02

Item No:S300



S300 is a new soft support specially designed for solving the debugging time waste of the high density double-sided PCB printing and mounting because of using the hard PIN,JIG and other tools which probably damage the components and PCB micro-circuitry.
S300 Soft Support
Product feature:
S300 is no need to avoid the components and not give a pass to any deformation board location.Support plat,zero gap printing between stencil with PCB and ensures the high quality printing,at the same time,improve production line overall efficiency and pass rate.

Technical Parameters
Model                 S300
Printing Mode          DEK/MPM/NXT/CM602/X4
Module Length(mm)           300 
Module Hight(mm)   30-100
Weight                             1kg