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BST-300 Intelligence board support

BST-300 Intelligence board support

Time to market:2019-07-02

Item No:BST-300



Product features
It is a memory support products.
To reduce human intervention.
Full automatic keep away from components.
Improve the speed of changing the line.
Enhance reliability.
Fundamentally solve the support problems of the double-sided board and board deformation
Modular design, according to the width of the circuit board to match the number of products.
Apply to any models, for example: DEK, MPM, NXT, CM602, X4, etc.
BST-300 Intelligence board support
Technical Parameters
Printer Model:All,example:DEK、MPM、NXT、CM602、X4 etc.
Module Length:310mm
Module Heigh:50~200mm
AC Power: 220V 50HZ
Air:  0.4-0.5 kg/m2
Weight:  7kg