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OIM-2S ODD From Inserter Machine

OIM-2S ODD From Inserter Machine

Time to market:2019-06-24

Item No:OIM-2S



OIM-2S is anequipment of modularized design incorporated with odd compents,by integrating SMT into AI,it is able to achieve auto-inserting of all oddcomponents at high speed,adaptable to different connectors,inserting,transformers etc.It is also equipped with 4 pieces of highly-precise tips and moreflexible feeding system with the simplest and effective way.Being flexible,simple,highly-effective,stable has always been the advantages of OIM-2S.
Moden OIM-2S OIM-2C
Vision Mark CCD×1, Component CCD×1 No
PCB size 50×50mm to 300×300mm  460×550mm
PCB thickness 0.6~2.0mm
Insertion accuracy ±0.03mm
NO.of the doors Opened 2 1
Monitor 2 1
Clamp number 4pcs 4pcs
Stations Stick Feeder 12,Tape Feeder 12,
Bowl Feeder 6,Tray 1
Stick Feeder 6,Tape Feeder 6,
Bowl Feeder 2,Tray 0
Component Connector,switch,socket transformer coils,ports,capacitors,etc
供料方式(Feeder Type) Tape,Bowl,Stick,Roll,Tray
Rall Loading Limlted 4Kg
Component Height 25mm
Insertion Speed 0.95~3.0s
Operation System Windows
Conveyor Height 900±20mm
Air 4.0~8Kg/㎡
AC Power 220v~240v  20A
Weight 1730Kg
Size 1287(L)×1647(W)×1583(H)mm
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